About Us

We have been training students for IIT joint entrance exam for the last fifteen years.

Over the years whilst the essence of technological advances have helped us to make the training systems more suitable for students.

MR. BM SHARMA and his associates published books for JEE training through Cengage Learning.

They started dabbling with educational technology tools to make testing and reinforcement easier for them.

We were the first coaching in this part of the country to use interactive response systems which we had indigenously developed. We have been using OMR systems for the last eight years.

A repository of recorded lectures has served an excellent purpose of reinforcement of concepts. Now a students can view the required lecture again and again, focus on the core concept and ask relevant question from the concerned teacher to clarity the concepts.

Regular continuous testing has helped students to keep themselves mentally fit for the exams. They are able to pin pointedly as to which concepts they are week at and hence work more those concepts.

Now technological tools are reaching the masses. Smart phones and tablets have become cheap and within the economic reach of most students.

Our books, lectures and testing in a combined format provides us an excellent opportunity to train students for IIT-JEE from all over India.

We look forward to mastering the training style which could help in making the JEE training possible in various parts of India at a very low cost.

We have consistently produced high ranking students.


Mr. B.M. Sharma, B.Tech, M.Tech. IIT BHU

Mr. Sharma has over 20 years of experience in the field of IIT-JEE Training. He has been instrumental in starting the JEE wave in Chandigarh. He has written more than 14 books related to IIT-JEE Physics which have been published through the International Publishers Cengage Learning. These books have been very successful all over India. He was one of the first JEE trainer who used technology of a very high level for training, as a result, he has been able to release recorded video lecture of very high quality. These lectures are a craze amongst students all over India and amongst Indians abroad. Due to his efforts more than a thousand students have reached IIT’s, PEC & NIT’s from this region.


I Teach Physics as I enjoy teaching it. These days the easy curriculum in Class X, leads to a complacent feeling amongst students. A majority of them score 10 CGPA with very little effort. Training for IIT JEE requires a lot of efforts. So students should be mentally prepare for a difficult early phase. Take up Non Medical Stream for the love of Science and Continuously strive towards your goal of learning the core concepts of the subjects. Keep trying, keep asking till your concepts are really clear. You will require putting in at least 6 hours apart from school and coaching time. So be prepared for it. Hardwork is the key. We are not magicians, the students who work hard with us reap rich rewards. The new format of IIT-JEE requires that the student should be good at answers presentation for the boards and should also have excellent command over concepts for obtaining high scores in JEE mains and advanced. Our technique of 3 regular lectures and multiple doubt sessions helps students to find the right rhythm. After the initial month, we start an accelerated lecture, which helps the students to gather right sort of momentum to scale the peaks of JEE. After the lectures the students should attempt all the concept level questions of that topic, given in the B.M. Sharma’s book. Student should also read the complete chapter from NCERT text. Once he encounters any doubt he should surely come over during doubt sessions to clarify his doubts. He would be mastering the concept only after he has solved sufficiently large number of questions related to that topic. He should be very attentive during lectures and should be very regular at studies at home. The rigorous revision work would enable him to score very high marks. If you work hard, you will surely succeed. The way to IIT-JEE is tough but success can be achieved with continuous hard work. You do not require any sort of special sherpas intelligence, rather common intelligence and lots of diligence helps a student to succeed. We excel in making a common students achieve his individual peaks. The student should remain committed and should not run astray. We are like those lamas who have ventured to those JEE peaks often and many people have reached there with our help. If you bestow faith on us we will take you there.

- B.M. Sharma>